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They say 30's are the new 20's. My wife and I have been together for over a decade now. We both work in the fast paced world of academia. Our state (and recently all others across the country) have finally allowed all marriage so we made that happen October 2014.

I'm a pretty big nerd, I'll be the first to admit. I love video games (yes, as a girl and yes, at my age). I have lots of other nerd hobbies and since I was unceremoniously banned from RuneScape, I've been playing Civilization and Skyrim. My real first nerd love is Magic the Gathering. 10,000 cards and growing, but that's an expensive hobby when you have two babies.

I have other grown-up interests too, especially reading. I like reading so much I have 3 Kindles and I also used to be a martial artist (one belt away from black belt. I'll finish someday.)

But now I've got twins and I have a feeling a lot of those hobbies are going to change.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

6 months
Nathan has finally passed Charlotte in weight by an ounce (16 pounds and 15 pounds, 15 ounces) but Charlotte keeps the length advantage by half an inch (25 inches and 24.5 inches).

This month the babies mainly continued their work from last month. Both are getting better at eating and now they can try some more interesting foods. We don't have to wait 3 days before introducing new foods. And we can start having them try what we eat. And because of this both of us have decided to really start eating healthy because babies can't have animal cookies and potato chips for dinner.

Both are rolling from front to back well and are really close to flipping from back to front. Once this happens we aren't supposed to swaddle them anymore, which means we're in for some long nights. Baby girl simply won't sleep unswaddled. Nate Dogg might be able to handle it, though. Speaking of sleep, both have moved into their own cribs in their own room. We didn't set up the baby monitors because one thing we've heard repeatedly is not to run to every little cry. They need to start learning how to soothe themselves, especially when going to sleep.

We've found that they both love music. During the day they love listening to and watching Teddy Rock. At night we found a bunch of real songs made into lullabies. It's pretty funny to put your baby to bed to the lullaby version of Big Pimpin or Evenflow.

The babies have been enjoying their summer at the pool. When you live in a climate as hot as it is here, that's your best bet in the summer. Either that or just stay inside. I think since we've gotten them to love baths so much, that's why they like the pool. At the rec center they have a really great activity pool and it's only $4 for the day.

I've got about a month of vacation before I have to go back to work. We're planning a trip at the end of July and I've got a bunch of appointments. Our neighbor friends who had the baby 3 months after us have been looking at day care and they're going to have to drop about $1,000 a month when they have to go back to work. And there is no twin discount anywhere we've seen. So we're both glad our family will be watching them until they're old enough to go to pre-k with me. Ugh, that's a lot of money.