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They say 30's are the new 20's. My wife and I have been together for over a decade now. We both work in the fast paced world of academia. Our state (and recently all others across the country) have finally allowed all marriage so we made that happen October 2014.

I'm a pretty big nerd, I'll be the first to admit. I love video games (yes, as a girl and yes, at my age). I have lots of other nerd hobbies and since I was unceremoniously banned from RuneScape, I've been playing Civilization and Skyrim. My real first nerd love is Magic the Gathering. 10,000 cards and growing, but that's an expensive hobby when you have two babies.

I have other grown-up interests too, especially reading. I like reading so much I have 3 Kindles and I also used to be a martial artist (one belt away from black belt. I'll finish someday.)

But now I've got twins and I have a feeling a lot of those hobbies are going to change.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

10 Months

Both babies are doing well. They are about 18 pounds now so we bought some new convertible car seats. They were getting too big for the ones we had before but the new ones were pretty expensive so we only got two instead of four to have them in both cars.

They're both sleeping pretty well at night now. Charlie sleeps pretty much the entire night, but Nathan still gets up three or four times. He wakes up and panics either because he doesn't have his chewie or because he doesn't remember where he is or whatever. All it usually takes is a pat on the back and he will roll over and go back to sleep. I feel like he's going to be the one to crawl into bed with us at night.

They are both eating pretty much whatever we eat. We're still avoiding nuts and fish, but everything else is fair game. We've even gone a couple of places and ordered from the kids' menu for them, which is fun. Charlie will try and eat pretty much everything. Nathan, not so much. Most of the time when he tries something new, he spits it out. Usually if you give it to him a couple of times he will eventually eat it. But most of the time he would rather just eat Cheerios. That boy loves his Cheerios.

They're both in 12 month clothes now so we rotated their wardrobe again. They've got some cute stuff we bought a while ago and forgot about. They've got a bunch of 12 month stuff so we've been buying 18 month, but everything in stores right now is for winter and it will be summer when they're 18 months.

Nathan is pulling himself up and cruising along the furniture now. We anchored our bookshelves and TV stand because I'm sure he's going to be a climber, once he figures out how to do that. Charlie still isn't crawling, but she's trying. She gets into the position, but doesn't quite know what to do with her arms and legs. She might just go straight to walking since she can pull herself up too and the doctor says there's no physical reason she's not crawling.

We're looking forward to their first Thanksgiving and Christmas. We haven't had little kids in the family for Christmas since my cousin and I were little, which was quite a while ago.