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They say 30's are the new 20's. My wife and I have been together for over a decade now. We both work in the fast paced world of academia. Our state (and recently all others across the country) have finally allowed all marriage so we made that happen October 2014.

I'm a pretty big nerd, I'll be the first to admit. I love video games (yes, as a girl and yes, at my age). I have lots of other nerd hobbies and since I was unceremoniously banned from RuneScape, I've been playing Civilization and Skyrim. My real first nerd love is Magic the Gathering. 10,000 cards and growing, but that's an expensive hobby when you have two babies.

I have other grown-up interests too, especially reading. I like reading so much I have 3 Kindles and I also used to be a martial artist (one belt away from black belt. I'll finish someday.)

But now I've got twins and I have a feeling a lot of those hobbies are going to change.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just Checking In

This post has nothing to do with infertility news as there won't be any for a couple more weeks. However, it never occurred to me that people might read this and might want to know what's going on anyway.

So, as you know we were in a pretty bad place after the last transfer. So bad we had to leave the state for a day. When we got back we went to our counselor to figure out what we should do and she had some suggestions for us. Mainly, we needed to find things we like to do to distract us from the grief for a while so it is not as intense. We didn't really have any ideas then, but when we left we found the answer.

Geocaching. If you've never heard of it, you should check it out. People hide things called caches all over the world and you use the GPS on your phone (or if you have a real GPS) and you find the caches. You get to sign the log and mark online that you found it. Some have cool prizes or even cash if you're the first to find something, but most of the time it's just about the thrill of finding them. And we've found some really cool and creative ones.

Some are simple Altoids cans like this.
This one is a magnetic bolt and when you screw the top off, the log is inside. It was magnetized to the back of a fire lane sign and it looked like it belonged there. If you weren't looking for it, you would never know it didn't belong there. This is one of our favorite finds so far.

Geocaching is perfect for us because we both like to find things. We both love maps, although I can't read a map for shit. Luckily my lady can so she navigates and I drive and crawl through the dirt and rocks when needed. We both love to collect and there are virtual badges for finding special caches and other milestones.  At first we didn't find anything, but once we learned some tricks of how the caches are hidden we started finding them left and right. It was just what we needed.

Besides that, we also love traveling so we are going on another trip next week. We got a really great room with a jacuzzi for 2 days really cheaply. We're going to enjoy some new scenery and find some geocaches in a new state. Indeed we are.

We've been reading a lot too. I finally got my lady to read Game of Thrones, mostly because my mom bought season 1 and we've been watching it too. I'm about halfway through the third book myself, but I've been so excited about geocaching that I haven't read too much lately myself.

And lastly, we are both in love with the Olympics and with Tivo there is almost always something taped or taping to watch.

So those are the things we have been doing to bring ourselves out of our grief. Not that the grief is gone. I still feel it. But I can deal with it now. When it's the only thing on your mind, that's impossible. And I'm actually enjoying life right now. I'm going to make the most of the rest of my summer.

I also had another thought that I'm going to throw out there. I know that my followers are few and a couple of you I know IRL, but most I don't. So if anyone is interested in adding me on Facebook or as a Geocache friend or on RuneScape, e-mail me and I'll give you my contact information.

Laters, baby.

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