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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The New Plan

Yesterday was day 1 again so when I called to report I got to talk to the nurse a little more and get some more information on what's going on.

If I am missing this protein like the doctor thinks, then there is treatment for it, which is good. We had thought there wasn't. So we're going ahead with the biopsy to find out and this has been added to the financial list on the side.

If the protein is missing, then the treatment is to go on Lupron and a couple other drugs for 3 months. Yep. 3 months of Lupron. At the beginning of a new school year. Fantastic. Then after the 3 months they check again and the protein should be present and we should be able to do a normal transfer. I say should before all of these because of course there are no guarantees in any of this, but that's the new plan.

If we do the biopsy and the protein is there and it's not the reason this hasn't been working or if after the 3 months of treatment the protein still isn't present, then I don't know.  The nurse seemed to think the doctor still had other things she could try. I don't know what, but I'm not the one that went to Duke and Stanford so it's not up to me to figure it out. We'll keep trying as long as there is any chance it could work.

What I really need is an ambitious doctor that wants to study me or something. Free research!

So now we're crossing our fingers that I have a rare protein deficiency. It's a new hope to hang on to. We have started processing the possibility that it just might not happen also and we have some plans for that road as well, so it's not the dark tunnel we were looking at before.

I don't see the doctor again until the beginning of August so I don't expect much updating until then. So everyone enjoy the rest of your summer!

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