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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I see this on YouTube a lot. People buy stuff and make a video about their haul. Well, we dropped $2,000 on all this so I figure it's worthy of a haul post.

So, what does $2,000 worth of medication look like? Well, get ready because you are in for a picture-heavy treat right here!

This isn't medication that you can just call into your neighborhood Walgreens. You have to get it from a specialty pharmacy and although I live in a big city, there is no pharmacy in town that stocks some of this stuff so we have to get it out-of-state. It's delivered by courier, which amuses me because it seems kind of old-fasioned.

Well, here's what the box looks like. It's huge (note the box of Wheat Thins for comparison).
Box opened up.
Let's start with the awesome red bag. The Gonal pen has to be kept cold, so it ships in a cooler bag with ice packs. We have a few of these bags now.

We got 2 of these.

Next is a medication called Lupron. It's main use is for prostate cancer but somehow it is used in fertility also.
A whole mess of syringes and needles for the Lupron.
This looks fun. It's only use is to treat a yeast infection, so I guess I have that to look forward to.

Two of these pills are hormones and one is an antibiotic. I remember having to take an antibiotic before one of the tests before, I think it was the HSG. You take it it so you don't get an infection from the procedure.
This is the shot to trigger ovulation. It's actually HCG, like that diet everyone is going crazy over. Only this is a much higher dose.
And my favorite is last. This came with the order, free of charge. How many people can say they have their very own sharps disposal container!

We also have the Crinone, but that didn't come with the order because the doctor is going to give us that at the office. We have an appointment on the 30th with our coordinator to show us how to use all of this stuff and we're a little nervous.

So, after unpacking the box and looking at my goods, something occurred to me. I'm going to put all of this...into my body. In one form or another...some of it will be injected into my stomach, some injected into my ass. Some I'll swallow and some I'll shove up my cooter. But this is all going inside me. And I don't even know what most of it is or what it's going to do to me! It's a sobering thought.

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