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Monday, January 30, 2012

Medication Consultation & Begin Lupron Injections- January 30, 2011

We met with one of the nurses today to learn how to use the new medication. My girlfriend picked me up after work and we made the long journey across town.

Since we did the IUI cycles, our doctor has expanded into a bigger office and hired new people. So we weren't familiar with the girl we met with today, but she was really nice. She started out giving us a new flow sheet of the cycle as the dates have changed for some of the upcoming procedure. One of the dates that has changed was the date of the pre-Lupron scan.  It was supposed to be February 1, but it was changed So I got another surprise dildo ultrasound.

The nurse turned on the ultrasound machine and took us back into the room. Another thing that was upgraded with this office is that there was a cute Japanese-style privacy screen by the door. Maybe she got tired of walking in on people trying to figure out what to do with their tampons :/

Anyway, I took off my pants and underoos and got on the table. Part of what we're paying for this time is the doctor herself does all of the ultrasounds, or is at least present for them. Before her assistant usually did them. She came in, did the ultrasound and said I should expect a 'hefty period' once I finish the birth control. I can't wait for that! I mean, having a period is just all kinds of fun anyway and every time I always think to myself "Damn! I wish my period was much heftier!" Wishes do come true!

We met with the nurse again after the ultrasound and she explained the new medication. She was really helpful and answered all of our questions. Unfortunately, there were some questions we forgot to ask. But we will probably be going back next week. The last day I take birth control is Friday and I should expect my hefty period a few days after that. They want me back for another ultrasound at that time.

Another thing that changed is the date to start Lupron. They had us start that tonight. This medication is usually used to treat prostate cancer, but in fertility treatments it is used to control ovulation. Basically it makes your body think it is going through menopause so you don't ovulate until they want you to. This means that I will likely have the symptoms of menopause, which is why this drug has such a bad reputation. Who the hell wants to experience menopause in their 30's knowing that it's coming again later in life?

This medication is a subcutaneous injection, but it's not in a pen like the Gonal-F. It comes in a vial and has to be drawn up into a needle.
After that, you pick a spot (thigh, back of arm or stomach) and poke it in. I go for the stomach and we alternate sides each night. It didn't hurt going in and it didn't immediately after. Then it started itching a little and then it started hurting. I picked a tiger print band-aid but my girlfriend said the picture of my hairy stomach was too gross to post.

We'll be doing this each night until my menses. I can't believe I'm waiting for my period again!

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