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They say 30's are the new 20's. My wife and I have been together for over a decade now. We both work in the fast paced world of academia. Our state (and recently all others across the country) have finally allowed all marriage so we made that happen October 2014.

I'm a pretty big nerd, I'll be the first to admit. I love video games (yes, as a girl and yes, at my age). I have lots of other nerd hobbies and since I was unceremoniously banned from RuneScape, I've been playing Civilization and Skyrim. My real first nerd love is Magic the Gathering. 10,000 cards and growing, but that's an expensive hobby when you have two babies.

I have other grown-up interests too, especially reading. I like reading so much I have 3 Kindles and I also used to be a martial artist (one belt away from black belt. I'll finish someday.)

But now I've got twins and I have a feeling a lot of those hobbies are going to change.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

8 Months
No doctor's appointment this month so I have no ideas as to sizes or anything. If I had to guess I'd say they're both close to 20 pounds now. But that could just be what they feel like when I'm carrying them up and down the stairs.

This month has been a busy one. We went on a couple of trips for the end of summer. The babies are pretty good travelers right now. But the main thing that has been keeping us busy is we both had to go back to work this month. Yes, August brings a new school year and the first time back in a classroom for the wife since last December.

One of the first things people asked us both when we went back to work is "Where are the babies?" I'm always tempted to tell people we left them at home with the cats but in this day and age you never know who is going to overhear a joke and take it seriously. We have Grandma and Great Aunt watching them while we're at work. If we didn't, one of us would probably have to quit and just stay at home because day care would have been upwards of $2,000 a month for both of them. We don't even pay that much for our mortgage, so I'm glad we have people to help us there. Our friends with the baby just a few months younger than ours have to use day care and their kid caught a cold within the first week. The babies seem to be doing fine with it but I've read that they're coming to the age where they're going to start really panicking when we leave so I guess we have that to look forward to.

The babies are really growing up. Nathan is so close to crawling and he wants it so badly. He gets so mad when he can't get to a toy he wants. Crawling is going to happen any day for him. I think Charlotte could crawl if she wanted to, but she is really not interested. She's like "You carry me and you like it." Both are eating a variety of solids and really only take bottles before bed at night and when they first get up in the morning. Both are getting some new teeth. You can kind of see Charlie's top choppers in the picture. Nathan is getting the two teeth to the side of those so he is going to look like a little vampire when they come in. They actually got their first cold too and I have no idea how. Could have been anywhere, I guess. Nathan woke up with a super runny nose that we attributed to teething, but then Charlotte got it too and we both woke up with sore throats. It was balls, but at least it was the week before school and not the first week.

We've got a pretty good routine for them with eating, playing and sleeping. That was one of my goals before I went back to work, to get them on a good routine. I think it makes it easier for the people that have to watch them. They go down for naps really easy and they sleep pretty well most nights. I guess technically they sleep through the night because they sleep until after midnight, but they still like to get up a few of times in the early morning hours. Sometimes it's because they lost their chewie and panic. Sometimes they roll over and panic. It usually doesn't take too much to get them to go back to sleep but they sometimes want to get up super early and play. And color me crazy, but I'm just not in the mood to play at 4:30.

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